Bahçelievler Physical Space

Bahçelievler Physical Space

Our institution has been built on 800 m2 of land, on one level and has been designed to cater to the needs of children. Everything from a child’s developmental needs, to their personal needs has been taken into consideration while mapping out our location. On our premises, we provide large and spacious classrooms, a gym, both and indoor and an outdoor play area, an organic farm, pet-care area, and both indoor and outdoor gathering areas for celebrations and holidays. All functions of our space have been thought out and meet the needs of a child to receive the best and most modernly equipped education possible, while making sure the areas are ergonomically suited and functional

Mini Petting Zoo

In our Mini Petting Zoo, specially created for our children to interact with, care for, learn to show compassion towards, and learn responsibility from, we have; Tortoises, freshwater fish, rabbits, ducks, birds, and many other animals, waiting to become your child’s companion.

Mini Farm

In today’s day and age, it is nearly impossible for children to grow up in a natural environment. Rolling around in the grass, planting vegetables and watching them grow, planting a tree and watering it every day, seeing it getting bigger day by day, watching ants carry their food, singing to ladybugs and watching them fly away, playing around on a dirt ground, and making things out of mud now seem like days of the past. Aiming to develop a child’s need to “discover-create-improve-do” we have made it possible for our students to do such things within the safety of our Mini Farm.