Bahçelievler Pre-K

Bahçelievler Pre-K

One of the main concerns of a parent who has decided to send their child to pre-k is, most likely going to be, the trustworthiness of the institution at hand. If this factor is one that you find to be important, our Bahcelievler location is sure to instill a feeling of ease, with its safe location, and organized and clean school and classes.

Our Bahcelievler location, set on 800 m2 of land, creates a multitude of different opportunities for your child to develop and learn. The mini petting zoo and mini farm located on our premises are wonderful tools for both developing knowledge and for having fun.

Our mini petting zoo and mini farms create a chance for our students to develop compassion and love for animals and living things while being at one with nature, a rare opportunity for a child growing up in the city. The mini farm also creates the chance for our students to get to know and grow the fruits and vegetables that they see and consume everyday. While creating these chances for our students, we also never fail to provide a safe and healthy learning environment.

Bahcelievler Pre-K

Dogafen Bahcelievler Pre-K creates a fun, productive, and educational environment for our students while also providing trustworthy place for parents to entrust their children with.

For further information on our Bahcelievler Pre-K programme, please contact us.