Bahcelievler Summer School

Bahcelievler Summer School

If you wish for your child to recieve a safe and modernly equipped education during the summer months, Dogafen Children’s Academy awaits you. Our 2000 happy students, which we have raised, 8 years of experience in the field, and over 4000 content parents is enough to show the level of quality we strive to achieve each day.

Dogafen Bahcelievler Summer School

Our summer school provides students with not only the latest technology in education, but also the opportunity to be a part of many classes and game activities. Based off of the directory for Pre-School education of the Ministry of Education, our method of teaching makes it possible for our students to become aware of their creative and mental abilities from a young age. Our aim is, as always, to provide the best services, by way of utilizing the correct form of education.

The activities which take place during Summer School, such as games, drama lessons, music activities, and picnics will make it possible for your child to have fun while also discovering their surroundings. Children will grasp concepts like socializing early on and will truly be able to notice the positive differences this experience will have made on them, later on in life.

Our main priority is to provide the best and most modern form of summer school education for your children. You are welcome to visit us at our Bahcelievler Summer School Location to observe our quality of service.