Incek Physical Surroundings

Incek Physical Surroundings

Our institution is located on a 1000 m2 garden and is a 500m2 building with two floors. Our large garden and fully equipped classes are specially set up to meet the needs of our students. Our classes, sports area, open and closed park and activity areas are, organic vegetable garden, petting zoo, and celebration areas are specially set up to meet the individual needs of each child and encourage their growth. Ergonomics and functionality is always first at Dogafen.

Mini Petting Zoo

The tortoises, freshwater fish, rabbits, ducks, birds, and more await the love and affection from our students as this petting zoo plays the perfect role in teaching children how to interact with animals and care for them.

Mini Vegetable Garden

In day-to-day city life, it is nearly impossible for our children to meet soil. Frolicking in the grass, growing vegetable and enjoying them straight from the garden, planting a tree, caring for it and watching it grow, watching ants carry their food, singing to ladybugs and watching them fly, playing around in the dirt, making their own toys from the soil, and feeling at one with mother nature are sadly not opportunities that most children get to have these days. Keeping these needs in mind and supporting a child’s need to “explore-create-evolve-succeed” we have created this setting for them to enjoy what nature has to offer.