Incek Summer School

Incek Summer School


If you are aware of how important it is for your child to have a productive summer, Dogafen Academy Summer School is a great place to ensure this.

About Incek Summer School

Our Summer School is sought out by parents who wish for their children to experience shorter term education. If you wish for your child to experience a safe, hygienic, and technologically equipped summer, Dogafen is the perfect place.

What Does Dogafen Provide for Your Child?

During the warm summer months our students will have the ability to experience fun and education. Alongside this, they will also get to interact with the students around them and socialize with their peers. If you wish for your child to gain strong social skills and be aware of their surroundings from a young age, Dogafen is the perfect setting for them to gain these skills.

Dogafen Children’s Academy’s Incek office awaits your visit to learn more about our facilities. Our education set alongside a safe and hygienic environment, equipped by the latest technology is surely a setting were your mind can be at ease as your child learns and plays.
Dogafen Incek Summer School is easily accessible from Golbasi, Oran, Cayyolu, Yasamkent, Umitkoy, Taspinar, Beytepe, Ahlatlibel, Hacilar, Turkkonut, Kızılcasar, Baglica, Beysukent, Tulumtas, and Alacaatli and accepts students from these locations.