Music and Rhythm

Through rhythm training, children are able to comprehend the rhythmic structure of life and improve upon this skill. Rhythm training also facilitates the improvement of bodily development and the positive characteristic growth of children.

In pre-school education, music paired with movement, sound, lyrics and rhythm can be a great influence on all aspects of life. All children love music and have a talent towards it to some degree. This talent can be evolved by providing the right environment and education.

Müzik ve Ritim

Music and Rhythm

To state our aims and the development of your children’s’ skills in this area;

  • Your child will learn to listen and understand what they hear in a more detailed manner.
  • Through learning to listen more effectively, your child will transition to reading and writing with ease.
  • Their attention span and ability to focus will evolve.
  • They will be able to learn new words and phrases through music and enhance their linguistic skills.
  • They will be able to enhance their pronunciation skills and speak more fluidly.
  • Through gaining a sense of rhythm, they will be able to strengthen their coordination and mathematical skills.
  • Show emotional comfort.
  • Gain the ability to better express themselves.
  • They will learn to fit into a group, listen, use their voice effectively and cooperate.
  • Their confidence will grow.
  • Through learning to sing, your child will be able to regulate their breath, thus improving the development of their lungs.
  • Through using instruments and objects that can be used as instruments, their major and minor muscular development will improve and they will be able to enhance their problem-solving skills.
  • Their aesthetic vision will improve.